The EsseCann recommended CBD dosing guide has evolved as more research has become available on the topic. Dosing with CBD oil or CBD tincture, (which is the correct term), is not so difficult to determine. But it takes a little patience and some body awareness.

Our 1,000 mg/30 ml and 500 mg/15 ml tinctures (CBD oil for slang) are very easy to dose. Roughly there is just a tad over 30 drops per ml in a product at this dilution level.

So, 1 drop will equal approximately 1 mg of CBD tincture. And therefore you can control your dosing by the drop sublingually (under the tongue) quite easily.

We suggest that customers start slowly with their dosing.  Usually 1-2 drops per 10 -15 pounds of body weight in the AM and PM works great as a starting point. After two weeks, re-evaluate and determine if you need to go up just slightly or stay the same for another 1 – 2 weeks and re-evaluate, or perhaps you may choose to go down slightly. Always wait at least two weeks to re-evaluate as it takes this long to get into your system using the oral product.

Another great thing to do is to only go up on the evening dose, or shift the majority of your dosing to evening (take 1/3 of your total determined dose in the morning, and 2/3 of it an hour or so before bed time). This may help your sleep become more stable and assist with a more restful sleep experience. It also reduces the possibility of grogginess during the day while you are getting your dosing levels stabilized.

Sometimes you may want to go down on your dosing if you are feeling a little too relaxed from your CBD. However, sometimes if you are not getting the result that you are looking for, under-dosing may exacerbate the issue. Keep this in mind. It’s very important.

Dosing for pain is a good example of this phenomenon. There is a mid-point in cannabis dosing that will work for your body and perhaps for your body alone… too much can increase pain sensations, while too little cannot give the results of pain management desired. The trick is to find the dose that is “just right”.

In many circles, this is called the “Goldilocks Syndrome”.

We have also found that a dose that helps with the discomfort of pain may not be high enough to eradicate the anxiety or stress that often accompanies chronic pain. Many of our customers report that there is a dose where their perception of chronic pain is greatly reduced but if they add just a bit more to the dose, the anxiety and stress that they feel is also mitigated.

Lastly you need to understand that each of the EsseCann products has a different cycle in terms of how fast they work, and how long the effects last. That is why we offer topicals, inhalants and oral tinctures. Clients who may have more anxiety during the day may choose to keep a vape pen close by to augment feelings of stress even though their daily dosing with the tincture is sufficient.

Other customers find that their daily dose supports the majority of their needs when it comes to chronic issues such as autoimmune diseases, arthritis, joint issues and other overall bodily discomfort. Yet, they also need to “spot treat” perhaps a knee cap or a shoulder or ankle with our topical treatments.

The most important thing to remember when dosing is that it is your body and your unique Endocannabinoid System. Just like your very own special DNA, your body’s need for cannabinoid supplementation will be unique. Work with that with mindful intention and your journey will most likely yield you astounding results. Not a cure all… but beneficial change is always welcomed when we are in discomfort.

There is no “one size fits all” in CBD dosing. What matters is that the user is conscious of how they feel while experimenting with their personal dosing, and that your dose may change over time.

CBD and hemp extract products are nutraceuticals. And as such the user needs to be in tune with their needs and adjust accordingly.


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