CBD Crumble

CBD Crumble is similar to vape but without the toxic vape juice. EsseCann CBD Crumbles are rich in terpenes, a wide spectrum of cannabinoids.

Choose from 3 flavors of EsseCann’s CBD Crumble.

  1. Use BlueBerry Joy for a little pick me up and to just keep smiling through the day. We named this one after the giggle that it gave our first user. Blueberry Joy is a simple crumble with a bold blueberry flavor that won’t let you down.
  2. Relax, is based on Pineapple Express crumble. It will calm you down, soothe the nerves and make room for you to simply let go. Relax, is our favorite CBD product for rest-time or bedtime.
    1. Focus, is for times when you need to get that job done. Get right into what you need to do with our terpene rich Focus CBD CBG formulation. This is a Sativa strain with citrus and earthy flavor, Focus is a favorite when you just need to get the job done!

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