EsseCann Logo TMThe EsseCann story begins with Liz Zucco and Brenda Newman, who who decided to help people who were “just like us”. They are both in their mid to late 50’s, living ordinary lives, experiencing the aches, pains and inconveniences of getting older.


Liz was in a lot of pain as she struggled to continue to ride horses, a passion she had had since she was a child. The pain was agonizing, and many days she would awaken in tears as she thought she would have to give up the sport she loved. She was also losing sleep due to aches and pains all night long.

Liz also suffers from auto-immune disease, including fibromyalgia and joint issues. It was getting worse at age 56 when she first tried hemp, or CBD tincture, to help with the pain.

Much to her amazement, the tincture worked! It worked so well that she was able to stop using NSAIDS every day! The pain in her back, neck, arm, wrist and ankle areas simply faded away. Hemp was life changing.


Brenda runs a large family and has many responsibilities. Her complicated medical conditions are helped best by EsseCann‘s hemp extract (Cannabidiol/CBD) tinctures.

Although it woks for her, Brenda is not a fan of tincture products. So, EsseCann is expanding their line of products to include gummy bears and daily gel caps, as well as products that can be utilized via inhalation (Crumble).

EsseCann topical creams are our signature product line. Both women find that utilizing a topical cream, in conjunction with the tinctures, inhalation and oral products, is the finishing touch to managing pain, as well as some skin disorders and delivering a sense of overall well-being.

By combining the variety of products EsseCann has available, both women have experienced a significant reduction in their need for pharmaceutical medications. Both have an overall sense of better health that includes improved movement and energy.

Hemp has allowed Liz and Brenda  to enjoy their busy lives again. But for them, the best thing about EsseCann is that they can share these products with whom they are close to and now to you, the public.

In other words, EsseCann whole hemp creams, tinctures, isolate and Crumble products are richin terpenes, containing a wide spectrum of cannabinoids and are specially formulated to bring deliver on the promise of this new and exciting field of holistic wellness treatments.

EsseCann CBD products seem to work well across the board. Everyone, from the elderly just trying to get through the day to athletes in their 20’s who are interested in muscle recovery, see results.

EsseCann offers a carefully curated suite of Cannabidiol-rich products. Each product is organically grown and manufactured in the USA, third party tested, and validated personally by the owners of the Company, prior to introduction to the general public.

Enjoy and may you live long and in good health,

Brenda & Liz

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